European Pahlavani Cup The Netherlands Juli 9th 2017

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This is a promotional tournament of the Pahlavani World Wrestling Federation (PWWF). The aim of this event is to promote the Non-Olympic Wrestling style “Pahlavani Wrestling” in the Netherlands and in Europe. Pahlavani wrestling is a recognized associated wrestling style of the United World Wrestling (UWW).

This Iranian (Persian) traditional style of wrestling features two competitors trying to throw the opponent to his back (shoulders). In Pahlavani, the wrestlers wear pants which extend from the waist to below the knees and a belt which can be grabbed and used with trips and holds to lift and throw an opponent.


Sunday 9 July 2017

Final entry 25 june 2017


Sport Hall: The University Sports Centre Leiden Address: Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden, The Netherlands

Information European Pahlavani Cup 2017

Final Entry Form

Dutch info

Open to European athletes from wrestling, judo, sambo, belt wrestling, jiu-jitsu, mma and grappling

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